Privacy policy

  1. The responsible data controller for the e-ticket sales environment is Virumaa Muuseumid SA, reg. no. 90003278, with address at Tallinna tn 5a, Rakvere city, Lääne-Viru county, 44306.

  2. The person responsible for the processing of personal data is the communication manager of Virumaa Muuseumid SA, at

  3. The responsible controller complies with all applicable legal norms and regulations when processing personal data.

  4. The processing of personal data is based on the purchase-sale process of e-tickets taking place in the e-ticket sales environment, during which the following personal data is collected and processed to the necessary minimum extent:

4.1. The first and last name of the buyer – mandatory data.

4.2. The buyer’s confirmation of acceptance of the e-ticket sales environment’s terms and conditions – mandatory data.

4.3. The buyer’s contact phone number – optional data.

4.4. The buyer’s email address – optional data.

  1. The protection of personal data is ensured through measures arising from applicable legal regulations.

  2. The responsible controller does not disclose personal data to third parties who are not relevant to the matter. Personal data is only disclosed if it is directly related to the use of the e-ticket sales environment.

  3. The buyer has the right to check and make inquiries about their personal data.

  4. The responsible controller sends personal data to the email address provided by the buyer and is not responsible for the further processing of personal data by third parties, as long as it is outside the scope of the buyer’s responsibility and legal space.

  5. All disputes related to the processing of personal data are resolved through negotiations between the parties. If a settlement cannot be reached in this manner, the disputes are settled in accordance with the conditions and procedures stipulated by the legal regulations of the Republic of Estonia.